Chimney Cleanings

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Fireplace Chimney Cleaning

Before we start a chimney sweep we will move furniture, coffee tables or anything else that might come in contact with our equipment. Next, we lay down a 6’ by 9’ drop cloth over the hearth and surrounding wood floor or carpet. Then we will remove any logs or grates from the firebox that might get in the way and place them outside the home or on the drop cloth. The last step before the chimney sweep begins is to turn on the shop vacuum which will capture any dust and debris that might fall down during the chimney sweeping process. Once everything is in place a wire brush head is attached to a chimney sweep rod that has a length of 5’ and the smoke chamber is brushed down.

Now that the smoke chamber has been swept we start cleaning the chimney itself. The chimney sweep rods will be inserted into the chimney 5 feet at a time and rotated and moved up and down in order to knock loose any creosote. Once we have reached the end of one 5’ rod another will be attached until the top of chimney is reached. The chimney rods are then lowered down in the same manner they were brought to the top of the chimney until all rods have been unscrewed and the brush head is removed. Now that the chimney cleaning portion of the work is completed the cleanup will start by placing the hose of the shop vacuum above the firebox in the smoke shelf to remove the creosote that was knocked loose during the cleaning. Once complete we then vacuum out any creosote and ash in the firebox, sweep the firebox wall, vacuum out the firebox and proceed to cleanup.

Furnace Chimney Cleaning

When performing a chimney cleaning for a chimney that vents a furnace or water heater the process is similar but there are a few differences. As usual we will put down a drop cloth to protect the floor from any chimney debris. Next, we’ll pull the smoke pipe out of the thimble in order to gain access to the chimney. The thimble will then be blocked so chimney debris cannot exit the thimble during the cleaning process.

Then we will either start sweeping the chimney starting at the thimble or take the chimney sweep rods to the roof and perform the cleaning from the top of the chimney (depending on accessibility for each). Once the sweeping is complete the base of the chimney will be vacuumed out in order to remove the debris and creosote that fell during the chimney sweeping process. We will also clean out the smoke pipe that was removed and then reattached the smoke pipe to the thimble. As usual any issues or safety concerns with the condition of the chimney will be brought to the customer’s attention.

Woodstove Cleaning

Much like a chimney sweep, a woodstove cleaning requires a drop cloth be put down around the stove itself to make sure any creosote or ash is kept out of contact with the carpeting or wood floor. Next we remove the pipe from the wood stove which is taken outside of the house in order to be cleaned. Finally the chimney sweep rods will be run up and down the length of the woodstove pipe and while the shop vacuum is running. We will then vacuum out any and all ash in the stove itself then reassemble the pipes.

As always there is a no mess guarantee when you get a chimney sweep with Charmed Chimney Service and we are licensed bonded and insured and can provide copies on request. Additionally, we will let you know about any repairs needed or safety hazards that may exist in your chimney once the chimney sweep is complete. Give us a call today if you have any questions about our chimney cleaning services!