Chimney Repairs

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At Charmed Chimney Service we provide all of the services described below. Call us today and we will be happy to give a free estimate on any one of these jobs or answer any questions you may have. Thank you again for considering Charmed Chimney as your full service chimney technician.

Chimney Sweeps: All of our sweeps, whether it's wood, oil or gas include a full inspection and a no mess guarantee. During a chimney sweep and inspection we use both drop clothes on the floor and as a cover over the fireplace to ensure that no soot or dirt comes in contact with any part of your home. It is recommended that an inspection is performed on an annual basis to make sure no obstructions exist in the flue or throat, thus ensuring proper ventilation.

Cap Installation and Repairs: All of our chimney caps are 100% stainless steel and carry a lifetime guarantee. Our caps will prevent animals, rainwater, leaves, and any type of debris from entering your chimney through the opening at the top. A chimney cap is one of the most sensible investments a homeowner can make regarding their chimney. Call us today and we will be more than happy to perform an installation or repair.

Crown Repair/Replace: Damaged chimney crowns are one of the leading causes for masonry chimneys falling into disrepair. If left unattended, even minor cracking will cause deterioration by allowing rainwater to penetrate into the masonry of the chimney. A newly poured flexible seal or crown is your best bet for preventing costly chimney repairs in the future.

Chimney Liner Installation: Whether your chimney flue is damaged, deteriorated or simply has a poor draft, a stainless steel chimney liner installation from Charmed Chimney is the solution to the problem. Over time, the combination of moisture and corrosive gases can take a toll on the lining of a chimney. One sign that a chimney liner may need to be replaced is staining on the inside of a house. This staining occurs when the gases exiting your fuel burning appliance are not able to vent quickly enough out of the chimney. As a result of this poor drafting the gases can deposit large amounts of condensation which will continue to reduce the structural integrity of a chimney over time. By having your chimney relined, you will not only increase the efficiency of your fuel appliance, but more importantly you can rest assured that the hazardous gases are vented properly out of a home and the masonry of the chimney will remain sound.

Chimney Rebuilding: When a chimney has been exposed to the elements, suffered structural damage, or recently experienced a chimney fire, the damage suffered is oftentimes beyond repair. At this point the chimney must be rebuilt, either from the roofline or the ground up. Charmed Chimney Service only employs experienced masons for such a task. Chimney rebuilds are by far the most expensive service that any chimney servicing company provides and it is for this reason that we do not take on the responsibility lightly. We will make a chimney truly needs a rebuild before work is initiated to ensure there are no other less expensive options (such as chimney repointing). Unnecessary chimney rebuilds are how many companies make a large portion of their revenue. For this reason it is imperative that a homeowner GET A SECOND INSPECTION AND ESTIMATE FOR ALL CHIMNEY REBUILD RECOMMENDATIONS.

Flashing Repair: If you have noticed your ceiling is leaking around the area where you chimney is located then you may need your flashing repaired. Chimney flashing is exterior metal plating located where the chimney and roof meet. This metal plating prevents water from entering a house by acting as a barrier for the intersection of the chimney and roof, thus preventing leakage into the ceiling or attic. Over time this metal can become damaged due to exposure to the elements. If this occurs any number of water related damages may be brought to the interior of a home including mold, damage to the dry wall, and wood rot. The damage that these problems can create is usually significantly more expensive to repair than what it would have cost to have the chimney flashing repaired beforehand.

At Charmed Chimney Service we check all flashing in our regular chimney inspections to make sure the metal fabrications are still stopping water from entering your home. If you have not had the flashing on your roof inspected within the last year or have noticed water leaking from ceiling then the flashing on your roof may need to be repaired. Any damage to the flashing can usually be resealed with either silicone or Flashseal, a substance much like roofing tar. If the damage is more extensive then the original flashing may have to be replaced with copper flashing which is the most rust resistant flashing metal available. Fortunately, a flashing seal is one of the least expensive chimney repairs you can do but depending on your chimney it may be the most important s

Waterproofing: Chimneys are highly exposed to all types of weather and as a result can be susceptible to significant structural deterioration. Once water has penetrated the masonry of a chimney freeze/thaw damage can cause brick spalling, deteriorated mortar joints, and ultimately chimney rebuilds. Waterproofing your chimney can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Our waterproofing provides up to 10 times the water repellent protection of typical sealers while maintaining the masonry's breathability.

Chimney Repointing (Tuckpointing): Chimney repointing is the process of reinforcing cracked or missing mortar (typically from the roofline up) due to the mortar becoming degraded over time. This is often the easisest chimney repair to see with the naked eye as there will often times be broken mortar joints around the base of your chimney. The most common reason that mortar becomes damaged is due to rainwater penetrating the masonry of the chimney. This water undergoes many freeze thaw cycles throughout the year and expands and contracts, thereby expanding the mortar itself. Due to this expansion mortar will eventually start to crumble, compromising the integrity of the entire chimney. As chimney mortar degrades further the rate of chimney deterioration will often increase as the crumbling mortar is no longer acting as an effective support for the bricks. It is for this reason that degraded or missing mortar must be reinforced with new mortar thereby avoiding complete failure of the structure of the chimney and avoiding an expensive tear down and rebuild.

Top Sealing Damper Repair/Replace: When your fireplace throat damper no longer operates in an effective manner, a good inexpensive solution is the installation of a top sealing damper. Dampers function more efficiently by sealing off the flue from the top, preventing heat and air conditioning loss from your home. A damper works effectively as a seal between the elements outside and atmosphere inside of a home when a chimney is not in use.

Dryer Vent Cleaning or Installation: Dryer vents are one of the leading causes of residential fires in the US. Last year over 15,000 fires were associated with clothes dryers. Any number of things can cause a fire in a dryer vent but the primary cause is paper left in the pockets of clothes. It is best to check all of your clothing for anything combustible before putting them in the dryer. If, unfortunately, there is a fire then we have the experience and knowhow to quickly and efficiently remove the old vent and install a new one.

Chase Top Replacement: Pre-fabricated fireplaces and chimneys are built in a factory and assembled on-site usually at the time a house is built. Most of these fireplaces are covered with siding and have a chase top which sits directly above the opening of the chimney. The chase top is a cover that allows water to run off the top of the chimney. Unfortunately, chase tops are often built using aluminum which will rust over time. As the rust progresses, small holes can form in the chase top allowing water entry into the chimney system. When this happens a chase must be replaced. At Charmed Chimney we use custom stainless steel chase top covers that carry a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion. By installing a new chase top, you are most likely saving yourself from very costly repairs down the road.

These are just the primary services we provide at Charmed Chimney. If you don’t see the service that you require just email us or call and we can let you know if it is provided. Thank you again for considering Charmed Chimney Service for all of your chimney needs.